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Ocean Cruises

Ocean cruises offer so much for everyone! They are inexpensive and provide opportunities to get in touch with nature, unplug from hectic everyday life or routines, explore historic and exotic places worldwide, and enjoy family time together, (great for families that are geographically separated from each other to have one meeting port). Cruises are for any age! They provide entertainment, excellent food (including healthy eating), fun activities, and a variety of live music. You can go to places you’ve dreamed of without having the hassle of creating the itinerary and know that you are getting all the amenities at the best price.

I can book incredible cruises for every budget. Cruises as low as $560 per person for a three-day cruise which includes taxes and port fees. This price is based on dual occupancy and doesn’t include travel Insurance.

Allow me to help you focus on what is important to you: relaxation, physical activity, disconnecting from work and everyday stressors. I look forward to planning your best vacation ever!

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River Cruises

River cruises are a great alternative to ocean cruises for several reasons.  First, if you prefer traveling with a smaller group of people, exploring more inland locations daily and personalized attention, a river cruise is perfect for you! Second, most river cruises are all inclusive. This means that meals, drinks, excursions, Wi-Fi, and gratuities are all part of your price package. In some instances, airfare and a one night hotel stay is also included.

River cruises are able to access destinations that larger ships cannot. Many people feel that the sailing of the small river cruise ships is smoother thereby reducing the likelihood of motion sickness. Prices start around $2,999/person. We work with various cruise lines including, Viking, American, Riviera and other providers.

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Land Vacations

Land vacations are a great choice if you want to spend more time at a specific destination and explore the area.  I coordinate hotels, excursions, transportation and fun plans with several different companies including Key Tours, United Vacations, Disney, Universal and more.  I appreciate the opportunity to plan a wonderful vacation for you! 

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Shore Excursions

Let me directly arrange your Shore Excursions with leading businesses such as Viator, Amstar DMC, Tee Times instead of paying more through the cruise line. Contact me today to begin your dream vacation!

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Happy Travels,

John Postiglione